Crossing the Boarder

Coming this fall to basic cable

From the inventors of GoobeyGone comes a brand new TV comedy that will change your life and lifestyle forever.

Meet Randy Steel. He runs a dog boarding company in rural America. His parents live upstairs along with his ex-wife (Janice) and their two cats (Horatio and Teagues). Were it not for the cats, she would move out, but until then she pretends to get along with Randy and his parents. Randy spends his days taking care of the dogs, and in the evenings he often visits with his grandmother in her RV... parked in the driveway. Grandma used to train killer whales in the wild, and she would like nothing more than for Randy to add a large pool to the backyard so she can help expand his business into whale boarding. The neighbors across the street run a cat rescue, and they never let Randy forget it. They're always after his cats.

Meet Slitch Crossman. He's Randy's ex-brother-in-law, but from a different marriage than the one with Janice. Slitch loves dogs, and cats, and is always trying to convince Randy to buy the cat rescue and combine businesses. What could possibly go wrong? He's new to the area, having spent the last 30 years living in various European countries, and is always trying to hide his various accents so he can fit in. He has a lot of financial debt and is always looking for more ways to earn an extra buck, so he's happy to help Grandma find and pick up whales from around the area.

If you loved Breaking Bad, X-Files, West Wing, and Slim Goodbody, then you'll love Crossing the Boarder! Watch it this fall on a TV with rabbit ear antennas or catch it online at!
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